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Korg DSS-1 Editor

I’ve put together an editor for the DSS-1 using CTRLR. It functions really well, I’ve found it really opens up the DSS-1 in a way that editing from the front panel never did.

They only thing I couldn’t get working was unison detune, it seems to change the parameter on the DSS-1, but no difference in sound is heard.

To get it running you need the free CTRLR app, available here:

And my panel: DSS-1

Thing’s I’ll possibly add in the future:

1. Working Unison detune
2. Visual display of current multi-sound (looking at the manual this seems possible)
3. Display of current program
4. Single knob for delay time
5. A smaller, laptop friendly ui

If you experience any problems or have any suggestions, let me know!


The House on the Lake – A serialized novella

Read, if you have the nerve for it, Erin Harris’s excellent serialized novella, The House on the Lake. Erin skillfully conjures that eerie felling of unreality found in the classics ghost stories.

The House on the Lake, a serialized ghost story told in the classic style, is the tale of newspaper clerk Henry Morgan, a shy and bookish young bachelor who is captivated by the beauty of an abandoned mansion. Click here to begin Erin Harris’s homage to the great ghostly tales of genre masters such as Charles Dickens, Henry James, and Edith Wharton.

I eagerly await chapter 9!